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"Every million dollar idea started as a crazy idea. Those that move forward from that crazy idea to a great idea have taken into consideration at least these basic fundamentals; Timing, Idea, Team, Funding & their Business Model."

  • Presentation of Idea
  • Understanding of prospective idea direction
  • Evaluation of Document Sets (EG: Business Plan/IM)
  • Idea development requirements
  • High Level viability discussion
No Charge
2: Idea Viability Formal Evaluation - Where the IDEA hits the ROAD.
Duration - 90 mins
  • Mathematical analysis resulting in a Good Idea
  • Mathematical analysis resulting in a Bad Idea
  • Recommendation to pursue as a hobby or past-time
  • Results indicating an Awesome Business Idea
  • Results indicating a potential GOLD MINE
  • Results indicating a WINNING LOTTO TICKET.
  • Formulation of potential opportunities and moving forward.
All recommendations are presented using our data, market and mathematical analysis and from experience an unbiased view of the ideas viability.
FEES: $295.00
3: Development Workshop - Where to Next?
Duration - Approx 90 mins
Detailed analysis and recommendations for commercialisation
Including consideration of; Corporate Structures, Business Plan and Operational Plan Development, Funding Requirements
Recommendation and introductions to the Lightbulbology Professional Associate Team, including; Introduction to Structure and Risk Mitigation Team, Accounting, Legal and Marketing Teams.
All recommendations are presented using our data, market and mathematical analysis and from experience an unbiased view of the ideas viability.

FEES: $595.00
4: Business Plan & Information Memorandum Development Workshop - Finding the Funding
Duration - 6 Weeks of 1 hr Q&A Sessions
​These workshop sessions are held to allow for the Questions required for the preparation of the business plan.
  • Executive Summary
  • Product or Service Description
  • Production or Delivery Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Forecast
  • Mission Statement & Vision Statement
  • Funding requirements
  • Associates or external contractor identification and introductions
These sessions are totally collaborative based on the initial analysis of the viability of the idea and the goals and aspiration of the idea developer.
FEES:  $5,950 or 6% of Funds raised, whichever is the greater amount.
5: Additional Services
  • Mentoring for Funding including identifying potential funders, interviewing and presentation techniques
  • Preparation of Physical Documentation and Funding Presentations including Investor Pitch Practices
  • Capital Raising
think bigger.JPG
1: Initial Idea Exploration Workshop
Duration - 90 mins

i am

"Before you can have a great relationship with others, you must first have a great relationship with yourself."

Workshop Content:
  • Understanding the relationship layers
  • Understanding the definition of Unconditional Love
  • Identifying the relationship layers that you have
  • Why relationships matter.
  • Setting the relationship scorecard
  • The practical application of relationship identification
FEES: $475
i am.JPG
One on One Workshop
Duration - 3 hours
think bigger
Introduction Web Workshop
Duration - 45mins
Workshop Content:

EMPIRE Building

  • Understanding what EMPIRE you want to build & Why.
  • Overview of the available structures and when to use them.
  • The Exit will determine how you start.
  • Identifying your vision and the structure that will benefit it.

"It's impossible to build a house from the roof down, why would building your empire be any different, you have to start with a solid foundation."

empire building.JPG
One on One Workshop
Duration - 3 hours
This workshop will produce a number of structural options that can all serve the purpose. During this workshop we will prepare all the elements required to be able to put in place the structure you need to start building your empire.
This will certainly include introductions to some of Lightbulbology's key associates such as;
  • Accounting Associates
  • Business Structure and Legal Associates
  • Financial Planners
  • Mortgage Brokers and Commercial Funders
  • Web and Digital Marketing Associates
Workshop Fees
Workshop fees will be negotiated on a case by case basis, as it is too difficult to forecast indicative costs. Workshop attendees and Empire Builders will receive a highly detailed proposal for them to decide on whether to engage Lightbulbology's services.
Session 1
Duration - 60 mins
  • Understanding your product or service
  • What are the benefits? THE USP
  • How does the customer really benefit
  • Does your product or service create a FOMO
  • What are the general characteristics of your customers/clients?

Digging for

"Most people don't achieve their goals because they haven't got any or don't know how to."

Session 2
Duration - 45 mins
  • The TEN Levels of Customer Credibility
Session 3
Duration - 90 mins
  • GOALS and customer focus
  • How do your customers help you achieve your goals?
  • What are the customers goals?
  • Identifying the customer commonality?
Session 4
Duration - 45 mins
  • The QUICK FIX or the LONG GAME
  • Social Media Hits vs Genuine Customer Development
  • What's the deal with Loyalty Programs?
Session 5
Duration - 90 mins
  • Finding where to dig
  • Calculating how many times you have to dig.
  • Metal detector prospecting vs "here should do"
  • Identifying how long to dig.
Session 6
Duration - 60 mins
  • Developing your customer/client prospecting strategy.
Workshop Fees
These workshops have been designed specifically with a
Sales Team orientation and priced accordingly.


5 Consultant Workshop - $476 - per Consultant
Total $2,380

10 Consultant Workshop - $446 -per Consultant
Total $4,462
digging for gold.JPG


"Debt can be for some, overwhelming at the best, and crippling at worst. It makes sense that if you can create debt you can just as easily create wealth."

  • Detailed analysis of current financial position
  • Calculation of Debt to income Ratio
  • Understanding of Financial Goals
FEES: No Charge
2: Mathematical & Structure Recommendations
 Duration - 60 mins
  • Detailed mathematical report on current financial position
  • Mathematical report on probability of Goal achievement in current position
  • Recommendations of new strategy and structure
  • Potential of Wealth Creation Strategy
FEES: $595 for report only.
(The report is based purely on the mathematical analysis and the comparison of financial products available. The report does not include any personal opinion nor does it make any recommendations of what decisions should be made in relation to accepting and/or acting on the mathematical & structure presentation. Independent financial advice is always recommended.)
No Fee if proceeding to implementation, as fees will be incorporated into final implementation strategy.
The mathematical analysis process required to provide a detailed analysis and requires personal time and expertise and full commitment is given to each report. For that reason this workshop is available to a maximum of 36 clients per annum.
the golden key.JPG
1: Initial Consult
Duration - 90 mins
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