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I Help Thinkers
Find their Moments.

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Co  Founder & Head of Community Partnerships



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As a mathematician and creative thinker, seeing solutions has always come easy to me.

My workshops have been designed to help you find the solutions you need.

To often we use emotions to make decisions and these decisions impact the solutions we need.

Emotions like anger, excitement, confidence, optimism, faith, experiences (both good and bad), love, anxiety and need, all present different options.

To me almost all solutions that can change your life start with a mathematical formula. A Base Line

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My vision for my workshops is to make them practical, direct and most importantly impactful.

I have put together everything I have learned during thousands of client meetings into specific workshops to help you find specific solutions or at the least, help you formulate ideas that can help you achieve your outcome.

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All workshops require your ideas, passion, sense of humour and expectations.

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what people say

Stephanie Hall

Administration Manager

"Before I met Lightbulbology and Darryl, I had no understanding what my retirement was going to look like or how to get there. It was one of those things that was too big and too hard and I thought I had plenty of time to think about it later. I did not know that achieving the retirement I want was actually achievable.


Now thanks to Darryl’s professionalism and great personal touch, I was finally comfortable being honest and open about my situation and my past.

His mathematical approach to problem solving has given me the peace of mind that I actually feel accountable and responsible for my future success."

Courtney Smith


"Not often do you meet someone that has the motivation, drive and capability to reach achievements most would be jealous of. If you selected one or two of his achievements, many would be fulfilled in their lifetime, but Darryl has too many accolades to count. In all practicality, he is good at everything he puts his mind to, built from a hard work ethos and no satisfaction for mediocrity.


From music and sport to business acumen and fatherhood, Darryl has applied himself with purpose his whole life. His aspiration now is to use his unique creative flair, unyielding passion to better himself and his constant desire to grow to created amazing solutions for his clients."

Aaron Kirk

Director - Altitude Homes

"I have had the pleasure of working with Darryl in a number of different roles over the last 5 years and he quickly became my go to advisor for out of the box thinking. Often when seeking a solution for a financial outcome the traditional professions such as mortgage brokers, financial advisor or business advisors have a narrow view of the problem.

When traditional advisors are lost for solutions, Darryl’s holistic approach to identifying a solution takes into account both the short and long term objectives of the individual or business, and are always based on math and logic, not opinion. I have been impressed with his knowledge and experience and how it draws from it in providing recommendations. It is my pleasure to recommend Darryl with confidence to any potential client."

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